Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofing systems are integral components of industrial and commercial properties, demanding a delicate balance of design considerations, performance standards, and cost factors. Achieving equilibrium among these elements is paramount for the success and longevity of any roofing project we work on.

Due to their cost-effectiveness and practicality, some industrial and commercial buildings are constructed with a flat roofing system. One of the primary advantages of flat roofing is its lower construction and repair costs compared to sloped alternatives.

Moreover, flat roofs offer superior access and egress methods, facilitating maintenance activities and providing additional usable space that could be used for a commercial solar PV system, for example.

At Retain Roofing, our industrial and commercial flat roofing expertise spans a diverse range of applications, ensuring quality solutions for refurbishment and new construction projects.

Our comprehensive services encompass various roofing systems. These include:

§  Single-ply roofing systems are known for their lightweight and durability

§  Cold-applied waterproofing systems offering seamless protection

§  Monolithic hot melt systems provide robust waterproofing solutions

§  Multi and single-layer bituminous systems tailored to specific requirements

§  We also specialise in car park deck waterproofing solutions to protect structures from water ingress and damage

With our extensive experience and knowledge in flat roofing systems, our professional team at Retain Roofing is well-equipped to provide expert advice, guidance and workmanship on your roofing project needs.

Whether you require assistance with design, material selection, installation, or maintenance strategies, we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your objectives and exceed expectations.

From initial consultation to project completion, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your flat roofing project is executed seamlessly and to the highest quality and durability standards.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about the full extent of our services and capabilities in supporting your flat roofing project requirements.

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