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With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the renewable industry, we provide a specialist service for commercial solar PV and battery storage solutions


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Sustainable energy is undoubtedly the way forward. This philosophy is central to everything we do at Retain Energy.

Our experienced commercial solar team will help you harness renewable, clean energy using a high-quality commercial solar energy system on your industrial or commercial roof. Established clients of Retain Energy often start seeing a return on their investment within two or three years, and you could be doing the same.

Leading solar equipment manufacturers provide our systems and make the most of what you already have to help you generate green energy for your usage or to be sold back into the grid. Retain Energy will collaborate with you to design and install the best possible solutions to achieve your goals, whether that’s essential cost reductions or the vital environmental benefits that these projects always deliver.

If you have an industrial or commercial property and are not maximising solar energy opportunities, you should be talking to the Retain Energy team. Not only does it make complete commercial sense, but it’s also a positive step forward towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Remember, whatever the price of a commercial solar project is, it’s never a cost; it’s always an investment.

For more information about our commercial solar energy solutions, please contact us at 0800 027 2244 or request a callback.


Energy Solutions

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the renewable industry, we provide a specialist service for commercial solar energy and battery storage solutions


Rooftop Solar PV

Rooftop commercial solar PV systems are popular for generating clean and renewable energy. They can be installed on industrial or commercial buildings and provide significant cost savings on electricity bills.

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Ground-Mounted Solar PV

Ground-mounted solar PV systems use the same kind of solar panels as a rooftop system but come with a different installation process. Planning permission from your local authority is usually required.

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Battery Storage Solutions

Commercial solar battery storage is playing a significant role in global energy. When used with a commercial solar PV system, it can help manage your electricity requirements after the sun has set.

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Why Choose Retain Energy


Full In-House Supply and Installation

We design and install bespoke solutions to meet your needs by recommending high-performance systems that achieve maximum savings


Experience and Fully
Trained Team

Our green team is highly experienced within the commercial solar industry, which each team member undergoing full, rigorous training


Premium Products from
Trusted Manufacturers

We have formed key industry relationships with leading solar PV equipment manufacturers, including Solaredge and Q Cells


Health and Safety Compliant

We take all health and safety matters extremely seriously, and for this reason, we have chosen to be a part of Avetta

Our trusted suppliers and partners

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Supporting the Royal Marines Family

Retain Limited is incredibly proud to work closely with the Royal Marines Charity (RMA). This fantastic charitable organisation aims to provide lifetime support to the Royal Marines family by whatever means required.