Retain Limited Group
of Companies

Retain Limited is a well-established, award-winning three-in-one contractor for industrial and commercial roofing, scaffolding design and installation, and commercial solar PV design and installation.


Each one of the three services we provide has an expert team with extensive experience and industry qualifications in their chosen field.


As a company, we hold multiple awards, accreditations and certifications, including, but not limited to, CITB, CHAS and Avetta, we are also year-on-year winners of the NRFC’s Gold Award for Health and Safety, a highly regarded award within the industry.


We pride ourselves on the reliability of our services, the elite quality of our work, and our unique ability to eliminate the need for multiple contractors and streamline the process by being a one-point, trusted contact for your commercial needs.


Knowledge based on experience


Mission Statement

At Retain Limited, we aim to pioneer excellence in every industry we serve. We are steadfastly committed to delivering unparalleled quality and reliability with a customer-first approach in all our endeavours. Integrity and high standards are fundamental elements of our organisation.

Vision Statement

Retain Limited strives to lead the construction industry's transformation by constantly pushing for excellence instead of merely being spectators. We are not just participants but the drivers of innovation, change and progress.

CEO Statement - Jamie Gibbs LLB (Hons) MIoR

"Reflect on this - was today's performance better than yesterday's? If not, it's time to question and adapt. Continuous improvement isn't just a goal; it's our ethos. Each day is an opportunity to raise the bar and drive change throughout our group of companies."

Our Team

Our friendly, knowledgeable team consists of on-site and office-based professionals who work closely together to ensure the best possible customer service for all our clients


Jamie Gibbs LLB (Hons) MIoR

Jamie established Retain Limited in 2008 after gaining extensive experience in the industrial and commercial roofing sector. This included being the Regional Chair for the Institute of Roofing (IoR).

Don Lehane MIoR

Don is highly experienced in the roofing world and is a director of Retain Roofing. Don manages all our industrial and commercial roofing projects and on-site teams of roofing specialists throughout the nation.

James Styles MCMI

James oversees the day-to-day running of the business and its employees. In his very busy role he also helps to facilitate the company’s rapid growth via our three-in-one service offering.

Mark Turner BA (Hons)

Mark oversees all marketing and communications activities across the group of businesses and actively promotes our high-quality three-in-one construction and renewable energy services.

Sam Betts

Sam is responsible for liaising with the construction and renewable energy industry's leading manufacturers and selected suppliers, providing costings for all client and prospect project works.

Tyrone d'Aquino

Tyrone is the General Manager of Retain Energy and runs our renewable energy arm of the business. Tyrone is responsible for managing all of our solar installation projects from start to finish.

Jamie Cooper MCMI

Jamie oversees all health and safety matters across the Retain Limited group of companies, including training and memberships. He often visits our sites working closely with our operatives.

Trent Kennedy

Trent is currently involved in learning and supporting various aspects of quantity surveying under the professional guidance of our in-house Quantity Surveyor, Sam Betts.

Ruby Stidwell

Ruby performs many administrative tasks and plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the Retain office environment by managing various aspects efficiently.

Jordan Lawrence

Jordan is currently involved in learning and supporting various aspects of quantity surveying under the professional guidance of our in-house Quantity Surveyor, Sam Betts.

Sam Hambridge

Sam works closely alongside the estimating team to understand client requirements and develops bid strategies that meet the needs of our clients and aligns with company goals.

Join the winning team!

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

As a professional industrial and commercial three-in-one contractor, working at height is our most common residual safety risk. We cannot stress enough how important health and safety are to us.

Quite frankly, it is the backbone of our organisation and the rock-solid foundations we’ve successfully built our business on. We appreciate that this can come at a cost, but at the same time, you are getting excellent value for money for a specialised service that cuts no corners and does everything by the book.

We do this to protect the well-being of our workforce and maintain our first-class reputation as a diligent contractor that provides a high-quality service both on and off the building site. This is reaffirmed by our continued success in the NFRC’s annual roofing awards, where we have been year-on-year winners of their Gold Award since 2016.


Retain Limited & the Royal Marines Charity

Retain Limited is incredibly proud to work closely with the Royal Marines Charity (RMA). This fantastic charitable organisation aims to provide a lifetime of support to the Royal Marines Family by whatever means required.


Our involvement and support with the RMA has grown over the last few years and has included mentoring former Royal Marines in their businesses offering experience or just a friendly ear.


With many of our employees previously serving in the Royal Marines, including our Founder and Director Jamie Gibbs, we endeavour to provide employment opportunities to help other former Royal Marines re-adjust to the lifestyle of a UK civilian.


We also strive to help educate, train and create bespoke career pathways tailored to individual skill sets to enable and encourage a successful and fulfilling life post-service.

Supporting the Royal Marines Family

Retain Limited is incredibly proud to work closely with the Royal Marines Charity (RMA). This fantastic charitable organisation aims to provide lifetime support to the Royal Marines family by whatever means required. 


Carbon Reduction Plan

Retain Limited's commitment to achieving Net Zero by the year 2030 reflects a dedication to environmental sustainability and a proactive approach to mitigating climate change. This ambitious goal signifies the company's acknowledgment of the urgent need to address the impact of human activities on the planet and its commitment to being part of the solution.

Download our carbon reduction plan by clicking the button below.