Cut Edge Corrosion

Image showing cut edge corrosion on metal roof sheeting and corrosion being fixed on the right hand side

Some industrial and commercial roofing systems suffer from cut edge corrosion due to the coatings not protecting the exposed edge of the steel roof sheeting. Corrosion can be found on laps, sheet ends, and generally where a cut to the metal roof sheet has occurred. However, treatment to fix this issue can be completed with minimum fuss from the Retain Roofing team.

Larger projects require more planning due to curing times but are still achievable within relatively short time frames. Once the rust has been removed and the surface is back to clean metal, a primer product is applied to stabilise the surface before a top coat is applied.

Repairing cut edge corrosion protects cladding from the elements and reduces the extent of the peeling of the coating. Protecting the cut edge on roofing panels provides a better seal on the horizontal lap and lap joints. Additionally, when done professionally, repair work will protect the roof and structure of the building. It will also significantly improve the appearance of the building.

At Retain Roofing, we understand this process and are well-experienced in roofing repair and maintenance. It’s why our clients become repeat customers.

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