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Corrosion is a persistent challenge many industries, infrastructure, and everyday objects face. However, cut edge corrosion is a less well-known form of corrosion, which often occurs in metal structures and can lead to significant damage if left untreated.

This blog explores the causes, prevention strategies, and treatment methods for cut edge corrosion in industrial and commercial roofing systems.

What Is Cut Edge Corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion, also known as edge peel corrosion, occurs along the cut edges of coated metal sheets or panels, typically used in construction, cladding, or industrial settings. This phenomenon primarily affects materials such as steel and can compromise the structural integrity and aesthetics of a building or structure over time.

Causes of Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is chiefly caused by the exposure of raw metal edges that were originally coated for protection. Several factors contribute to this type of corrosion:

  • Weathering: exposed edges of metal sheet panels are highly susceptible to the elements, including rain, wind, snow, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Over time, the variable weather conditions can break down the protective coating, leaving the metal vulnerable to corrosion.
  • Incorrect installation: inadequate sealing or installation methods can leave gaps, overlaps, or exposed edges in metal sheet cladding. These gaps provide entry points for moisture and oxygen, accelerating corrosion.
  • Coating degradation: coatings on metal surfaces degrade naturally over time, especially in harsh environments in coastal or exposed locations. When this happens, it leaves the underlying metal exposed and vulnerable to corrosion.

Prevention of Cut Edge Corrosion

Preventing cut edge corrosion is critical to extending the lifespan of an industrial or commercial roofing system and the structure it sits on. It can also minimise expensive repair costs – here are some preventive measures:

  • Quality coatings: start with high-quality protective coatings designed to withstand the specific environmental conditions of the site. Regular roofing inspections and appropriate maintenance can help ensure that coatings remain effective.
  • Correct installation: employ experienced professionals, such as Retain Limited, to install metal sheet panels and ensure that all cut edges are sealed correctly to prevent the ingress of moisture.
  • Design considerations: when designing structures, consider using coatings with extended longevity. This can help reduce the frequency of any repair and maintenance work.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance: conduct routine inspections to identify early signs of cut edge corrosion. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage. At Retain Limited, we are proud to offer repair and maintenance services and a drone roof inspection service.

Treatment of Cut Edge Corrosion

If cut edge corrosion is identified, it’s essential to take immediate action to prevent further deterioration of the roofing system. A professional roofing contractor, such as Retain Roofing, can take the following steps:

  • Clean the affected area: remove any loose rust and coating materials from the affected area using appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Surface preparation: prepare the surface by abrasive methods, such as sanding or abrasive blasting, to create a clean, rust-free surface. This will allow for proper adhesion of a new coating.
  • Repainting: apply a high-quality, corrosion-resistant coating to the cleaned and prepared surface. Choose a coating suitable for the specific environment to provide long-lasting protection.
  • Regular maintenance: implement a schedule to inspect and touch up coated edges as needed to prevent future cut edge corrosion.

Our Conclusion

Cut edge corrosion is a common problem in metal sheet roofing systems, but it can be managed with suitable preventive measures and prompt treatment. By understanding the causes, prevention strategies, and treatment methods for cut edge corrosion, we can ensure our industrial and commercial roofing systems offer longevity and structural integrity.

Regular inspections, quality coatings, and correct installation practices are all crucial factors in combating this form of corrosion and preserving the life of metal sheet roofing systems. Contact the Retain Roofing team on 0800 027 2244 or email us here for a free, no-obligation quotation if your industrial or commercial property suffers from cut edge corrosion.

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Knowledge based on experience

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