2023 In Review – A Golden Year

As we reflect on the forthcoming conclusion of an incredibly busy and productive year, Retain Limited takes pride in looking back at the many achievements and milestones that have characterised our journey throughout 2023.

This year, from groundbreaking projects to innovative solutions, has epitomised our ongoing commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of delivering high-quality, three-in-one industrial and commercial services nationwide.

Amidst the UK’s economic challenges, we have embraced each opportunity for growth and adaptation across our three divisions of commercial and industrial roofing, commercial solar PV and scaffolding. Our unwavering dedication to going the extra mile for our clients has solidified our standing in the sectors we operate within and propelled us to new heights.

Away from the construction site, we have developed new initiatives and successfully achieved well-deserved recognition along the way. In March, we secured another NFRC Gold Award for our health and safety practices, our seventh consecutive year of achieving gold status. We continue to demonstrate a commitment to ensure the highest possible health and safety standards for our operatives.

In May, we announced that we had become a principal partner of 2022/23 Sky Bet League One champions Plymouth Argyle Football Club. A distinctive gold version of the Retain Limited logo is proudly displayed on the rear of the first team’s playing shorts, establishing a synergy between Argyle and ourselves.

We were privileged to achieve the prestigious Defence Relationship Management (DRM) Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award in July. This accolade followed the ERS silver and bronze awards, both attained last year. This remarkable feat is mainly due to the hard work and dedication of James Styles MCMI, our Operations Manager, who proudly served in the Royal Marines.

In September, we were unveiled as a new Patron of the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. Patrons of the Chamber are some of the best-known and respected organisations in our local business community, and we feel honoured to play an active role in the region.

Last but not least, our Founder and Director, Jamie Gibbs, was recently presented with an award at The House of Lords while attending a Bootnecks in2 Business event. Jamie received an award for unselfishness by actively providing employment opportunities to help other former Royal Marines and ex-military personnel re-adjust to the lifestyle of a UK civilian.

Join us in 2024 as we embark on a journey that builds on the highlights of this bustling and fruitful year, celebrating the hard work and collaborative spirit that defines Retain Limited.

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