Brickfields Hub will be Home to PL1 Civvy Street

Brickfields Hub will become the proud home of ‘PL1 Civvy Street’ when it opens its doors later in the year – a community ready to enable veterans to thrive in every aspect of life after service, supported by Plymouth-based Retain Limited.

The news follows the exciting announcement that the award-winning, three-in-one contractor became a community space sponsor at the new Brickfields Hub. Retain Limited has been a long-time supporter of Argyle, including being an existing Argyle Principal Partner.

Retain Limited is a dedicated advocate for veterans in the Plymouth area. They have a proven track record of facilitating successful transitions to civilian life by providing veterans with employment opportunities within the Retain Limited group of companies.

Retain Limited has also fostered strong working partnerships with organisations like the Royal Marines Charity (RMA) and successfully attained the prestigious Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award in 2023.

PL1 Civvy Street will be a dedicated service that will ensure military personnel who have served their country receive the support they deserve through a tailored approach to specific needs centred around four important pillars:

  • Community – allowing veterans to connect with fellow veterans, share experiences, and find support in a welcoming community.
  • Signposting – personalised support through dedicated caseworkers who will assess veteran’s needs, connect them with relevant charities, and ensure they get continuous help to support their future.
  • Education and Resettlement – helping veterans find their next career move, exploring job openings, identifying skill gaps, and accessing training programmes.
  • Homeless and Rough Sleepers – offering immediate support for veterans in need, providing essentials like food and clothing, social activities, and health and wellbeing support.

Brickfields Hub will provide access, support, and equipment to reduce health inequalities, promote wellbeing, and become a beacon for local community activity provision for generations through a partnership between some of the city’s leading sports and wellbeing brands.

Dwain Morgan, the Trust’s Business and Impact Manager said: “We are incredibly grateful to have an organisation like Retain Limited on board, who share many of our values, and we are proud to be facilitating their inspirational veteran support project at the new Brickfields Hub.”

Ben Kerswell, Trust Health and Wellbeing Manager adds: “We have a proud history of supporting veterans in our city. We have been running a veteran’s café at Central Park Hub for three years to help reduce social isolation, increase activity levels, and improve mental well-being among veterans.

“Through PL1 Civvy Street, the partnership between Retain Limited, The Trust, and Brickfields Hub can enable veterans across the city to thrive.”

Jamie Gibbs, the Founder of Retain Limited and PL1 Civvy Street, is a veteran himself after proudly serving with the Royal Marines. Jamie said: “This announcement signifies a positive and exciting development for veterans in the Plymouth area.

“The Brickfields Hub’s designation as the home for PL1 Civvy Street, supported by Retain Limited, presents a valuable opportunity and has the potential to greatly empower veterans.

“This collaborative effort promises a comprehensive support system, addressing various aspects of veterans’ well-being after their military service.

“The Brickfields Hub’s role in assisting with our program is commendable, and its success will be a testament to the collaborative spirit within the Plymouth community.”

Please visit PL1 Civvy Street’s new website here for more information on the services and support it will offer.

Save the date! PL1 Civvy Street is holding a prestigious fundraising gala at Plymouth’s renowned Crowne Plaza Hotel this September. This unforgettable evening promises to be the social event of the season, but with a purpose that transcends mere glamour.

Your attendance grants you the opportunity to make a real difference. By joining, you’ll become part of history, contributing to crucial fundraising efforts that will kickstart the opening of PL1 Civvy Street. This impactful initiative is more than just a project; it’s a pledge to significantly improve the lives of British military personnel transitioning to civilian life.

Be inspired by the heroes themselves. The event welcomes esteemed former servicemen Simon Weston CBE and Toby Gutteridge, who will share their captivating and inspirational stories, leaving a lasting impression. Renowned broadcaster David FitzGerald will host the gala.

This exclusive gala offers a night of exquisite cuisine, delightful company, and the chance to be part of something extraordinary. To purchase tickets, please visit PL1 Civvy Street’s website here. To learn more about the Brickfields redevelopment, visit the dedicated microsite here. There, you can also sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on the latest developments. If you have any questions, you can get in touch via email at

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