London Project Update

Good progress is being made at our latest project in London. Work commenced just before Christmas, and our professional team of operatives has been very busy since our return to the construction site.

In conjunction with our cutting-edge roofing system with panels supplied by Kingspan Insulated Panels UK & Ireland, we’re elevating our project by integrating a comprehensive commercial solar energy system onto the new roof, featuring an impressive solar PV array that exceeds 400 kWp.

This advancement signifies that the building will soon be empowered to generate its own environmentally friendly energy, leading to substantial reductions in electricity bills for our client.

An important aspect to highlight is our seamless integration of all three of our services – Retain Roofing, Retain Energy, and Retain Access – ensuring safe access to the roof space.

This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to providing an all-encompassing and seamless strategy for improving project management and communication.

For unparalleled expertise in industrial and commercial roofing, commercial solar PV solutions, and scaffolding services, the Retain Limited team stands as your trusted partner. Connect with us today to explore top-tier solutions that redefine excellence!

Feel free to give us a call at 0800 027 2244 or simply complete the contact form below, and we’ll promptly get in touch to discuss your project requirements.

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An Introduction to the Retain Limited Group of Companies

For those who do not know what we do at Retain Limited, let us take this opportunity to introduce Retain Limited – your trusted partner for construction and renewable energy projects.

Retain Limited is one of the most established and well-respected three-in-one industrial and commercial specialist contractors in the UK today. Not only do we handle large-scale industrial and commercial roofing and cladding projects, but we also supply robust scaffolding systems to access projects.

Our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions extends beyond our roofing projects. In addition to our expertise in roofing installations, we take pride in our capability to design and implement cutting-edge commercial solar energy solutions. Harnessing the power of the sun, our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in creating bespoke solar solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Retain Roofing, Retain Access, and Retain Energy are three companies that operate under the Retain Limited umbrella. They all offer a consistently high level of service regardless of which company you engage.

Our award-winning services across Roofing, Access and Energy mean clients can work with one contractor, offering professionalism, knowledge and experience. This three-in-one approach makes it easier for you, the client, to engage our services. It allows for better, more cohesive planning across the project as a whole, where we can dovetail seamlessly with any other on-site contractors.

Retain’s service offering is designed to exceed industry standards and is unmatched in our sectors. Should you require further information or wish to arrange a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 0800 027 2244 or email us here.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work at Retain, and it’s why we’re proud to have our name on every part of the business. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and contributing to the success of your projects in 2024 and beyond.

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Happy New Year!

We trust the holiday season showered you with joy and fulfilled all your wishes. As we step into a brand new year, Retain Limited is excited to extend a warm welcome back. Our knowledgeable team is invigorated and fully prepared to dive into your industrial and commercial projects with newfound enthusiasm.

Whether you have ongoing endeavours or exciting new projects on the horizon, rest assured that we are here to deliver top-notch services and unwavering professional support. Our dedication to excellence remains steadfast, and we are eager to collaborate with you to achieve your objectives successfully in the coming year.

We appreciate your continued trust in Retain Limited, and we’re geared up for a prosperous 2024 filled with shared accomplishments. If you have any enquiries or projects in mind, feel free to reach out to us:

📞 0800 027 2244

Thank you for considering Retain Limited for all your industrial and commercial roofing, solar PV and scaffolding requirements. Here’s to a year of growth, success, and meaningful partnerships.

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Christmas Holiday Shutdown

As the holiday season fast approaches, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and custom throughout the year. In the spirit of Christmas and to allow our dedicated team to enjoy a well-deserved break, we will close on Friday 15 December.

We will resume normal operations and be ready to assist you with all your industrial and commercial needs on Tuesday 2 January. During this shutdown, we will take the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and recharge our batteries for the upcoming year.

We look forward to serving you with the same dedication and passion in 2024! Wishing you a joyful and peaceful holiday season – enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.

Best wishes from the Retain Limited team 🎄🎅🏼🥂

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2023 In Review – A Golden Year

As we reflect on the forthcoming conclusion of an incredibly busy and productive year, Retain Limited takes pride in looking back at the many achievements and milestones that have characterised our journey throughout 2023.

This year, from groundbreaking projects to innovative solutions, has epitomised our ongoing commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of delivering high-quality, three-in-one industrial and commercial services nationwide.

Amidst the UK’s economic challenges, we have embraced each opportunity for growth and adaptation across our three divisions of commercial and industrial roofing, commercial solar PV and scaffolding. Our unwavering dedication to going the extra mile for our clients has solidified our standing in the sectors we operate within and propelled us to new heights.

Away from the construction site, we have developed new initiatives and successfully achieved well-deserved recognition along the way. In March, we secured another NFRC Gold Award for our health and safety practices, our seventh consecutive year of achieving gold status. We continue to demonstrate a commitment to ensure the highest possible health and safety standards for our operatives.

In May, we announced that we had become a principal partner of 2022/23 Sky Bet League One champions Plymouth Argyle Football Club. A distinctive gold version of the Retain Limited logo is proudly displayed on the rear of the first team’s playing shorts, establishing a synergy between Argyle and ourselves.

We were privileged to achieve the prestigious Defence Relationship Management (DRM) Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award in July. This accolade followed the ERS silver and bronze awards, both attained last year. This remarkable feat is mainly due to the hard work and dedication of James Styles MCMI, our Operations Manager, who proudly served in the Royal Marines.

In September, we were unveiled as a new Patron of the Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. Patrons of the Chamber are some of the best-known and respected organisations in our local business community, and we feel honoured to play an active role in the region.

Last but not least, our Founder and Director, Jamie Gibbs, was recently presented with an award at The House of Lords while attending a Bootnecks in2 Business event. Jamie received an award for unselfishness by actively providing employment opportunities to help other former Royal Marines and ex-military personnel re-adjust to the lifestyle of a UK civilian.

Join us in 2024 as we embark on a journey that builds on the highlights of this bustling and fruitful year, celebrating the hard work and collaborative spirit that defines Retain Limited.

Contact the team on 0800 027 2244 or to learn more about our award-winning services and solutions.

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Three-In-One Service Project To Start

Excitement is building as we gear up for our latest three-in-one project, which is scheduled to kick off this upcoming Monday (11th December). 

This sizeable industrial property in London is set to receive an early Christmas present with a cutting-edge roofing system. The new roof will offer increased efficiency and will be meticulously installed by our skilled operatives.

But that’s not all. In addition to the modern roofing system, we’re elevating the project by incorporating a substantial commercial solar PV system onto the new roof, boasting an impressive capacity of over 400 kWp. The building will soon generate its own green energy, and future electricity bills will be significantly lower.

Noteworthy is that we’ve seamlessly integrated all three of our services (Retain Roofing, Retain Access and Retain Energy), ensuring safe access and egress to the roof. This leads to an all-encompassing and seamless approach to improving project management throughout the course of the works.

For superior industrial and commercial roofing, commercial solar PV and scaffolding services, look no further than the Retain Limited team. Connect with us today on 0800 027 2244 or email us here!

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Our Gold Logo Shines in Argyle’s Celebrations

Experiencing a last-minute winner at home, especially with the electrifying energy of a packed stadium, is such a thrill in football.

The atmosphere at Home Park on Saturday afternoon was nothing short of sensational, and for some members of the Retain Limited team, witnessing Adam Randell’s winning goal (on his 100th appearance for the Greens) felt like an unforgettable moment of the season so far.

The last-gasp strike secured Plymouth a 2-1 victory against well-established Sky Bet Championship side, Stoke City. The magic of a last-minute winner isn’t just about securing three points; it’s about the raw emotion, the collective joy, and the unity that reverberates throughout the stadium.

As a proud principal partner of Plymouth Argyle Football Club, the connection goes beyond mere sponsorship. It’s a shared passion for the game, a commitment to the community, and celebrating triumphs like local lad Randell’s decisive goal.

Seeing our distinctive gold logo prominently displayed amid the celebration photos is a proud and gratifying moment for everyone connected with Retain Limited. We’re honoured to be a part of this journey.

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Retain Founder Receives Recognition

On the evening of Friday, 1st December, our Founder and Director Jamie Gibbs, along with James Styles (Operations Manager) and Tyrone d’Aquino (General Manager – Retain Energy), attended the Bootnecks in2 Business networking event at the House of Lords in London.

Little did Jamie know he would receive an award at the event. While listening to Sean ‘The EQ Commando’ Foley speak about acts of unselfishness, Jamie had an inkling that it could be himself that Sean was talking about.

He duly received an award for unselfishness, an important component of the Commando spirit that forms the DNA of a Royal Marine to help get them through arduous times while still smiling. Unselfishness in the Royal Marines is described as team first, teammate second, and self last.

Reflecting on his recognition, Jamie said: “I was blown away to receive such a humbling award. I have never done any of the things I do for recognition.

“I have an opportunity to help those who may need a leg up. So to be recognised by those I respect most is an amazing feeling, and I am exceptionally proud to have served as a Royal Marine Commando.”

Jamie hasn’t stopped there and is putting the finishing touches on plans to launch a new Veterans hub in Plymouth. Set to open in autumn 2024, he intends to make this hub an incredible place and believes in the power of collective input.

If you have any ideas on what would make a difference in a veteran’s daily life or assist in their transition back into society, especially those experiencing homelessness or heading in that direction, Jamie would love to hear from you.

You can email Jamie here or contact him on 0800 027 2244.

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ERS Gold Awards 2023

Retain Limited’s Founder and Director, Jamie Gibbs, recently attended a noteworthy event where he was presented with the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award.

The achievement of this esteemed award was first announced in the summer, and the official ceremony took place at Stonehouse Barracks in Plymouth. Notably, the Gold Award follows our prior achievements of the ERS Silver and Bronze awards, both of which were secured in the previous year.

The acquisition of the Gold Award underscores our steadfast commitment to supporting the armed forces community, aligning with the principles outlined in the Armed Forces Covenant. The ERS scheme employs a tiered structure encompassing bronze, silver, and gold, thereby acknowledging and differentiating employers based on their varying levels of commitment. This framework enables the Ministry of Defence to express gratitude and publicly recognise organisations for their support.

Given that a considerable portion of our workforce, including Jamie, has previously served in the British armed forces, we continue to provide employment opportunities that facilitate the transition of former armed forces personnel into civilian life in the UK.

Moreover, Retain Limited actively engages in initiatives to educate, train, and craft customised career pathways tailored to individual skill sets. This approach is designed to empower and motivate individuals towards a successful and fulfilling life following their military service.

Please click here for further insights into career opportunities at Retain and information about our current vacancies in the construction and renewable energy sectors.

Photo: Jamie is pictured receiving the Gold Award from Rear Admiral Ivan Finn.

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Movember: Grow A Moustache For A Meaningful Cause

November is no longer just a month to welcome colder weather and prepare for the holiday season. It’s also the time when many men worldwide ditch their razors and let their facial hair flourish for a noble cause known as ‘Movember.’

Since 2003, this annual event has gained prominence over the years, encouraging men to grow moustaches to raise awareness and funds for crucial men’s health issues.

The Movember Movement

Movember, a combination of moustache and November, began in Melbourne (Australia) 20 years ago. The idea was simple yet impactful. Men would start clean-shaven on November 1st and grow moustaches throughout the month, sparking conversations about men’s health issues along the way.

Raising Awareness for Men’s Health

Movember primarily focuses on raising awareness about three significant men’s health concerns:

1. Prostate cancer: This initiative aims to educate men about the risks of prostate cancer, promote early detection, and support those affected by the disease.

2. Testicular cancer: By encouraging self-examination and early detection, Movember seeks to increase survival rates for testicular cancer.

3. Mental health: The Movember Foundation highlights the importance of mental health and strives to reduce the stigma surrounding men seeking help for issues like depression and anxiety.

Growing Moustaches for a Cause

One of the campaign’s distinctive features is the moustache-growing challenge. Participants become ‘Mo Bros’ by starting the month clean-shaven and growing moustaches, which serve as conversation starters about men’s health.

The Impact of Movember

The men’s health campaign has made a significant impact over the years:

  • It has funded over 1,250 men’s health projects in over 20 countries
  • It has supported breakthrough research, providing critical insights into various men’s health issues
  • It has inspired countless conversations about men’s health and encouraged men to take charge of their well-being
Get Involved

Participating in Movember is simple and fun:

  • Start clean-shaven: Begin with a clean slate on November 1st
  • Grow a moustache: Cultivate your moustache throughout the month
  • Please spread the word: Share your journey on social media, educate your friends and family, and encourage them to donate to the cause
  • Raise funds: Collect donations to support men’s health initiatives through the official Movember website

Movember is not just about growing facial hair; it’s about making a difference in men’s lives. So, this November, join the Movember movement and let your moustache be a symbol of support for men’s health. Together, we can create a healthier future for men everywhere.

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