Retain Founder Receives Recognition

On the evening of Friday, 1st December, our Founder and Director Jamie Gibbs, along with James Styles (Operations Manager) and Tyrone d’Aquino (General Manager – Retain Energy), attended the Bootnecks in2 Business networking event at the House of Lords in London.
Little did Jamie know he would receive an award at the event. While listening to Sean ‘The EQ Commando’ Foley speak about acts of unselfishness, Jamie had an inkling that it could be himself that Sean was talking about.

He duly received an award for unselfishness, an important component of the Commando spirit that forms the DNA of a Royal Marine to help get them through arduous times while still smiling. Unselfishness in the Royal Marines is described as team first, teammate second, and self last.

Reflecting on his recognition, Jamie said: “I was blown away to receive such a humbling award. I have never done any of the things I do for recognition.

“I have an opportunity to help those who may need a leg up. So to be recognised by those I respect most is an amazing feeling, and I am exceptionally proud to have served as a Royal Marine Commando.”

Jamie hasn’t stopped there and is putting the finishing touches on plans to launch a new Veterans hub in Plymouth. Set to open in autumn 2024, he intends to make this hub an incredible place and believes in the power of collective input.

If you have any ideas on what would make a difference in a veteran’s daily life or assist in their transition back into society, especially those experiencing homelessness or heading in that direction, Jamie would love to hear from you.

You can email Jamie here or contact him on 0800 027 2244.

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